Now that your session is booked and paid for, location, time and outfits are all set, there's nothing left to do.
 All you have to do is show up and relax. I've got it all under control. I'll pose you if you need posing, position you in the right light, and make you you smile if you weren't smiling already. It's easy peasy and surprisingly fun.There are a few simple steps to take before your shoot to ensure a worry free session.   *Eat. Feed the kids and yourself so that no one is hungry and in a big rush to leave. Your average session is one hour long and sometimes that can feel like forever if you are hungry. *Try to have a few minutes of calm before your session time. Deep breaths  for everyone! *Make sure everyone has used the bathroom before hand.  The chosen location  may not have a restroom nearby. *Don't worry if you hair is flying around or your little one has a dirty face. I bring hairspray, bobby pins and a comb to all sessions. Not to mention baby wipes. *If a certain someone in your group is less than thrilled with the idea of pictures, let them vent and get it out before the session. This way they can relax at the shoot. *I try to work around nap times, but if baby is still sleeping, that is okay and we will take other photos first. Time can also be extended a little  longer. There is no rushing a tired infant. *Keep calm with the kids.  I take time with each child individually and follow them around  to see what they've found. Some of the most successful photos have been of children playing with leaves and turning over pebbles. We welcome exploration! *Don't worry. Above all else, know that this experience will be something to treasure, because great images of you and your family are going to come from it. You've got this.