At every session, I get asked, "What should I wear?" My answer is simple- wear what makes you feel good and above all, is comfortable.
 Have you ever watched an award show and seen the actress standing on the red carpet, uncomfortably tugging at her dress? She looks pained and you just wonder who is making her wear that? I don't want that for you. For photos, it's best to be true to yourself and your sense of fashion. It will reflect in your body language and smile. Hopefully, in the years to come you can look back on the images and think, "I look gooood!"   That said, I do have a few wardrobe tips (and only one set rule). *Keep it neutral with colors. Make sure you compliment your skin tone. *Stay within the rule of three for your colors. Such as color family. Pick pale pink, grey, white. Or bright blue, white, bright pink. *Accessorize carefully. Don't go overboard on multiple bracelets and necklaces. Pick a statement piece to be a reflection of your personality. *Let the prints shine with a complimentary color scheme. Choose a red and white print top with classic denim. *In a group, pick one solid color everyone can work into their outfit. Keep the rest of the group in complimenting neutrals. This brings continuity to the group without being to match-y. It's like bridesmaids' dresses- everyone can have a different style, but the overall theme is the same. My hard and fast rule- no neon. Please. It makes awkward color casts on your skin that may not be able to be removed in Photoshop. It's just not cute on anybody. Need more visual ideas? Check out a few fashion blogs (I love chicandshimmer.com) and my wardrobe board on Pinterest.